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HR Communication Tools for Modern Businesses

Good help is hard to find. Recruiting and developing talent can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to make your life a whole lot easier with our GlobalMeet® HR tools. Whether you’re performing online video interviews, onboarding employees, conducting company-wide training or hosting town hall meetings, the GlobalMeet suite of solutions has the HR communication tools you need to succeed.

Conduct Online Interviews

Having the right HR tools can make all the difference. Scheduling on-site interviews can be challenging and costly, especially when you involve travel expenses. With GlobalMeet’s HR toolkit, you can virtually and cost-effectively screen candidates. Plus with video interviews, you can pick up on non-verbal cues that phone calls just don’t provide. Before you schedule your next in-person interview, see how GlobalMeet’s Human Resources toolkit can help you make smarter hiring decisions.

Onboard Employees with Ease

GlobalMeet’s Human Resources management tools help simplify the whole onboarding experience and eliminate a lot of paperwork too. We know you’ve been thinking about going paperless, and we can help you do it! Our virtual HR tools not only provide businesses with a professional way to welcome and onboard new employees but the platform couldn’t be easier to use. GlobalMeet Collaboration enables you to meet with up to 125 new hires at one time or record your onboarding for on demand viewing. Have we piqued your interest yet?

Training Made Simple

Managing training requirements can be a full-time job, but don’t worry because we’re here to help with GlobalMeet’s Human Resources management tools. Host informal training sessions through GlobalMeet Collaboration or take advantage of interactive polling, analytics, Q&A and more with GlobalMeet Webcast. We have a complete Human Resources toolkit to meet all your training requirements, whether it’s a quiz following the training, an acknowledgment that you’ve watched a video or in-depth activity metrics.

Modern Technology for a Modern Workforce

Employees today want flexibility. The flexibility to work from home or on the go. To provide the flexibility that employees want, your organization needs HR communications tools that make sense for the modern workforce. With our cloud PBX solution, employees benefit from a unified communications experience that is hosted in the cloud. Employees get an easy-to-use system and you benefit from a noticeable increase in workforce productivity.

Collaboration at Its Best

From recruiting to training, our HR tools help set a good first impression and improve overall transparency within an organization. Companies that invest in quality HR communication tools are much more likely to attract and retain top talent. Employees want transparency and regular communication. Why not give them what they want with GlobalMeet Collaboration. Did we mention you can get started for free?


GlobalMeet Collaboration provides best-in-class audio conferencing services, so that you can be sure that your message is always crystal clear. We have a global audio network with over 160 points of presence in 60 different countries to support all your recruiting and training activities. Don’t waste valuable time on calls that drop or audio that you can’t understand. Make the switch to GlobalMeet Collaboration.


Our GlobalMeet Collaboration web feature makes employee management easy. With the ability to share your screen or documents, you can onboard and train employees from virtually anywhere. Meet with only one employee or up to 125, the choice is yours. Our HR communication tools provide the ultimate flexibility for your employees and for how you manage them while increasing team productivity.


Host online video interviews or take advantage of face-to-face virtual communication to onboard employees with GlobalMeet Collaboration. Our HD audio and video helps strengthen your internal communications by leveraging important non-verbal cues. With no restriction to the number of meetings you can host, you can meet face to face with employees or prospective employees all day, every day.

Partage d’écran

Think about your onboarding and training experience today. What if you could provide this critical information through a virtual meeting? The good news is you can with GlobalMeet Collaboration’s screen sharing functionality. Adding GlobalMeet Collaboration to your HR toolkit means you can conduct training and onboarding sessions live or save yourself a little time and record them for employees to view on-demand. Seeing is believing and GlobalMeet Collaboration’s screen-share capabilities help educate employees better than many of the HR tools in the market.

Connect with GlobalMeet

In this job market, there’s a lot of competition for top talent and once you’ve sealed the deal, you need help to develop employees and keep them happy. That’s where GlobalMeet’s HR communication tools can help you attract and retain employees.

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